Lalbaugcha Raja

Lalbaugcha Raja, the King of all mandals and one of the oldest and popular sarvajanik Ganesh festivals of Mumbai, was established in 1934.

lalbaugcha raja

Lalbaugcha Raja 2012

People from far & wide including foreigners, stand in the serpentine queue to get a ‘darshan’ of Ganapati, or even a glance, (mukh darshantakes)_at Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal and also to pray for the fulfillment of  their desires and seek his blessings, for three hours, on weekdays and 8 to 25 hours, on weekends.

Lalbaugcha Raja, noted for its gold adornments, attracts around one crore devotees including filmstars and politicians. To ensure safety, the security was tightened with 300 private guards being deployed this year.   Also, 70 CCTV cameras have been installed, along with  metal detector door frames and handheld detectors.  Apart from, the heightened police security, there are 2,500 volunteers, who patrol the place and maintain discipline.

The mandal has secured an increased insurance policy cover of Rs 14 crore, in case of any eventuality, like the triple blasts in Mumbai on July 13. The jewellery of the deity has been insured for Rs six crores and pandal’s  for Rs three crore,”   Devotees have also been insured for Rs five crores.

Many fans have been installed, for air circulation.  The height of the stage is reduced from 3 ft. to 1.5 ft., to make it easy for the devotees to touch the deity and seek his blessings. The immersion procession, passes through Byculla  amidst, overwhelming crowds halting in front of the Chisti Hindustani Masjid    which is welcomed by Mohalla committee members and trustees of the mosque.  The tradition was started for  instilling peace between Hindus and Muslims.

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