Gauri Ganpati

ganpati rangoli designs

The festival of Gauri Ganpati comes after the fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi, when Goddess Gauri or Parvati, mother of Lord Ganesha is worshipped alongwith Goddess Laxmi.  Before installation, Goddess Gauri Ganpati is first welcomed ceremoniously into the house, by colourful stamping of their feet impressions all over the house.  Water is then, sprinkled on them and rice is thrown over them. The images, held by unmarried girls, are taken around the house, and asked “Where have you come?” and the girl answers their queries, by describing the house they are brought to. The hostess then says,  “Come to us with thy golden feet and stay with us forever”.


ganpati rangoli designsThe festival is for a period of three days.  The first being the day of welcome; second day for worshipping Gauri, making Navedya or Prasad and offering it to Goddess.  On this day, Haldi kumkum is arranged in the house, where Goddess is installed.  The hostess, invites selected ladies for Gauri Darshan; She applies Haldi and kumkum on their forehead and gives them prasad.  The third day is meant for immersion of the dieties. During this day, Ganpati is also given a sendoff alongwith his mother, Goddess Gauri, for immersion.  As customary, they bring pebbles from the river and spread them, in the house, as a sign of prosperity and protection of plants.  The fisherwoman of the konkan region, sing songs and dance, unitedly.

Gauri is an incarnation of Parvati. Ganapati is a son of Parvati. Still it is a belief that she is a sister of Shri Ganesha. Thus the entire ceremony is known to be an occasion for those married girls who come to stay with their parents for festive occasion.

ganpati rangoli designs

With the change in times, customs and traditions have undergone change; and also, thinking pattern.  As Gauri Ganapati comes after Ganesh Chaturthi, their relation is taken as brother and sister and celebrated as `Bhau Bheej’.  Married daughters are officially invited by their parents, on this ocassion.  On Gauri-Ganapati daughters visit their maternal house for celebration and stay with them.

Such celebrations serve dual purpose – joy, happiness and gaiety in the family plus the satisfaction of discharging religious duties, holding faith in God.






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